Who We Are

Afrosport celebrates these heroes and heroines of sport, in a way that informs, inspires, entertains and engages.

Our History

Afrosport has evolved out of Optima Sports Management International (OSMi). Founded in 1999, OSMi led the expansion of Free-to-Air sports on the Sub-Saharan continent with acquisitions of The English Premier League, Champions League, the African Nations Cup, Serie A, The Bundesliga and FIFA World Cup amongst others.

The group distributed premium live sporting content to over 40 Sub-Saharan countries, laying the foundation and igniting the enthusiasm for todays’ African sports TV fan. Today, the team has evolved, building on its experience and key relationships to deliver a uniquely engaging sports platform, emanating from Africa supported by exclusive sports rights and transmitted via cutting-edge digital architecture and streaming hardware connecting players and fans in Africa, and across the world, shining a light on the achievements of the sons and daughters of Africa, and a voice for those who have largely been ignored or denied.

Past Experiences

Afrosport will build on the foundation that has been established by Optima Sports Management International (OSMi). OSMi helped to define the sports media on the continent, serving hundreds of millions of unreached sports fans across the continent, setting a standard in FTA sports distribution that was previously unreached on the continent. Employing over 100 people with offices in Lagos, Nairobi, Accra, and London, OSMi pioneered several broadcast initiatives, which few have been able to replicate.

Our Vision

A sports hub, connecting the world’s greatest sports events and athletes with fans in Africa and Diaspora across all viewing platforms. We exist for the sake of sports lovers and therefore believe that access to sports viewing should be made available for all.